In our world ‘multi and interdisciplinary teams’ are mentioned many times a day, and yet it’s amazing how siloed people can feel without peers in the same role to share their thoughts and challenges with. Which is why it is so important that bodies like The Football Association bring together those in similar roles.

Sitting alongside Kate Baker, Russell Earnshaw, Steve Morrow, Lucy Pearson, and David Court – who brilliantly put together the Level 4 in Talent ID – I got to see the results of 15 months of sharing. Having gathered 22 people who wouldn’t naturally share a room for long, let alone their strategies and learnings, into a cohort for over a year, the course has taught leadership and collaboration alongside analysis and presentation skills. And in creating a safe space for learning, we got to see that most welcome of traits, vulnerability, hour after hour as people opened up for the good of the industry, exchanging ideas and experiences from their sport and beyond.

Thank you for letting me be involved in a small part of your journey. It was inspiring.