Leading performance experts Elite Performance Partners are delighted to announce their partnership with 21st Club, a strategic advisory business helping clubs across Europe achieve competitive edge. This collaboration of shared resources means clubs can benefit when recruiting for the pivotal role of head coach.

LONDON: 15th May 2018

21st Club and Elite Performance Partners are bringing to market a new, evidence-based approach to the recruitment of head coaches to help clubs better identify and assess leading candidates from the widest talent pool. The partnership combines 21st Club’s market-leading strategic and analytical intelligence with Elite Performance Partner’s structured approach to character selection and assessment within the performance environment.

David Slemen, Managing Director of Elite Performance Partners, is excited by the partnership.

He commented, “We are delighted to officially form this partnership with 21st Club. We share the same values and vision to look at the bigger picture, by thinking differently and helping our clients achieve a competitive advantage.”

Elite Performance Partners recognise the unique challenges of hiring a head coach and the critical importance of getting it right. David added, “By utilising a holistic evidence-based approach to our head coach recruitment, we can reduce bias and help avoid emotional or rushed hiring decisions, which should ultimately enhance the performance of our clients.”

Ben Marlow, Head of Football at 21st Club, is also enthused by the partnership and its benefits for clubs.

“We are excited to be working with Elite Performance Partners in the area of Head Coach recruitment,” Marlow said. 21st Club view hiring a manager as one of the most material decisions faced by the front office and it’s therefore critical that clubs are armed with the best available information to help them get it right. He added, “Through combining our head coach surveillance with their character assessment process, we can help clubs identify undervalued talent which will lead to better results on the pitch.”

Further Information:

21st Club was founded in 2013 with the vision of helping clubs win by out-smarting, and not out-spending. The company works with over 60 clubs from leagues around the world. Providing both software and advisory services, they help clubs achieve a competitive edge in the football market and help them identify and exploit inefficiencies.

Elite Performance Partners was founded in 2013 to help elite sports organisations to find, develop and nurture the specialist senior leaders and expert practitioners that are essential to their success. They work with organisations across the world of sport, including governing bodies, Premier League football clubs, Premiership rugby clubs and Olympic sports.

Find out more about Elite Performance Partners’ and 21st Club’s head coach recruitment process. For all enquiries, email [email protected] or [email protected]