As I discovered today at Bath Rugby, you are never too old to do work experience.

We talk about roles being 50% culture, 50% capabilities but its hard to assess either unless you’ve seen what the buzzwords of ‘leadership’, ‘strategy’ and ‘teamwork’ mean in a particular context.

As a relative newbie to sport, I am still in transition, allowed to confess what I don’t know: to ask, question, absorb and observe. I have permission to learn. Which is what I did today as the guest of Girvan Dempsey and the team at Bath. Together, talented coaches, senior leaders and expert practitioners gave me a masterclass in what good looks like, in action on the field. And as ever, in setting out to find out more, I left aware of how much there still is for me to understand. So today I commit to being a Learn-it-All (and thank David Sheepshanks CBE for a great phrase to live by).

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