I shared an episode of one of my favourite performance podcasts – Finding Mastery by Michael Gervais – in our newsletter this week. The session, featuring Brené Brown, has particular resonance given how it ties in with a quote we have framed in the office – The Man In The Arena by Theodore Roosevelt.

Both Brené’s attitude, and this famous quote, underpin our respect for those brave enough to put themselves out there and have a go, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines and criticising, as it is all too easy to do.

Brené reminds us that ‘no one got to courage without walking through vulnerability’ and we have seen two English sides this week rely on heart and courage as much as technical skill to earn their places in the Champions League final.

To dare to be brave is something we look for in those we champion every day knowing, as they do, that they will have their asses kicked along the way but who still choose courage over comfort and are grateful for another day to try.