EPP and Right to Dream

Right to Dream is a purpose-driven global organisation of professional football clubs, youth football academies and innovative education provision, aiming to change how people define ‘excellence’.

EPP has a deep and established partnership with Right to Dream based on our shared belief in the importance of potential, creating opportunities and cultural fit. Through our partnership with Right to Dream, we support them to:

  • Find, assess, onboard, and transition the people they need to continue to redefine ‘excellence’ and meet their strategic objectives. 
  • Understand, develop, and strengthen their clubs and group organisations, by providing advice on ways of working, medium-term planning, and organisational design, ensuring they fit with Right to Dream’s culture and performance objectives.
  • Support the development of Right to Dream’s emerging leaders, helping build and embed a purpose-driven culture across Right to Dream.

Right to Dream AND San Diego MLS Club

On the 18th May, 2023, Major League Soccer (the MLS) announced that San Diego would become the 30th club to join the League. A joint venture between Mr. Mansour and the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, the new club is a platform for delivering tangible benefits to the San Diego community, while nurturing talent from across the United States and beyond.

Through Mr Mansour, San Diego will be part of Right to Dream, the global soccer community of world-class academies, clubs and partners with an innovative approach to identifying and nurturing talent – on and off the pitch.

Founded by Tom Vernon in 1999 as an Academy in Ghana, Right to Dream provides extremely talented children facing barriers to achieving their potential with the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families via a global organisation of professional football clubs, youth football academies, and educational networks.

Right to Dream now encompasses school programmes in Ghana and Egypt, offers scholarships to the US, and professional clubs in Denmark, Egypt, and the US, which provide a professional platform for Right to Dream’s young talent.

EPP and San Diego FC

EPP is the strategic people partner, alongside our other partner organisation, Twenty First Group, to Right to Dream. In this capacity, EPP will be working with the team in San Diego to identify and place key roles in the club, develop an integrated global structure, and support Right to Dream to embed its culture and purpose into the new club.

If you are interested in roles with San Diego MLS club please email us at [email protected] or get in touch with EPP direct at [email protected].

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EPP and FC Nordsjaelland

Right to Dream bought the Danish Superliga team FC Nordsjaelland (FCN) in 2015. Building on FCN’s tradition of developing young players from across Europe, the acquisition has further enhanced this reputation and provided a pipeline for talented young Right to Dream academy players to enter European competition. In the 2023 season, FCN fielded the youngest team in Europe while competing at the top of the Danish Superliga.

EPP has supported FCN in hiring senior leaders into its organisation, supporting recruitment,  and developing club ways of working, culture, and long-term organisational plans.


If you are interested in opportunities at Right to Dream check out their LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram feeds below.