The term ‘coaching’ is synonymous with sport and yet rarely do we see a focus on professional and personal development off-the-pitch. Instead, leaders are often left alone at the top, and those on the path to get there given little along the way to help them on their journey.

Our commitment to continuous learning permeates all we do: our partners have undertaken Master’s level Degree courses since joining EPP, and curiosity is a trait we look for not only in our clients and people, but also in our candidates, able to bring a growth mindset to the businesses they join.

Understanding the impact that knowledge truly shared, interrogated, and debated, across sports, sectors and geographies, can have in helping senior leaders and industry newcomers alike reach their potential, we provide:





For those at a pivotal point in their career, undergoing transition, or looking to reach their own potential, our EPP-led one-to-one coaching and mentoring service is provided by qualified partners, coaches and experts, bringing together a knowledge of the coaching process and understanding of the career landscape to help navigate the road ahead. This service is free of charge to those who already face a steeper path.


Believers in the power of peer-to-peer learning, we bring together discreet groups of performance leaders to create bonded ‘Chatham House Rule’ forums who meet monthly, and connect regularly, to break down the competitive silos that often stifle the world of sport. Leveraging combined knowledge and experience to both learn from each other’s mistakes and solve often-pressing and confidential issues hard to navigate alone, these groups provide regular access to a trusted group of peers facing similar, but different challenges at work. Invitation-only, our leadership forums are carefully put together to get the most out of similar mindsets and diverse thinking to share insight and challenge the status quo.


We run webinars and tailored training around performance principles, best-in-class recruitment, and leadership development and have delivered bespoke content for clients including:

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“In providing a hugely engaging session across our global scouting group, EPP challenged our biases – and highlighted the importance of a criteria-based approach to recruitment, and how to assess for potential.”

Jim Fraser – Assistant Head of Youth Development

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“EPP have delivered a number of impactful high performance sessions as part of the FA’s Technical Director’s programme. They bring a wealth of experience that gives individuals insight into the skills and attributes required to thrive.”

David Court – Performance Education Lead

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“Elite Performance Partners are a key FIFA partner for the development and support of Technical Leaders globally. Their knowledge, understanding and research within elite sport, leadership and development are both insightful and inspirational.”

Gareth Jennings – Head of Technical Leadership


We are not for everyone. We look to create an environment of challenge and support, bringing strong opinions, lightly held, to debate with our clients. But, if you think we might be for you, feel free to reach out to one of our partners here:

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