Before you can start to design a team, define a brief, or fill a gap, you need a clear view of what success looks like and the route to achieving it. Making time to seek clarity and alignment, to ask good questions and challenge assumptions, saves it in the long-term – and sometimes helps you discover that the answers already exist within.

We use simple tools and frameworks to demystify the process of becoming high-performing.

Both facilitating and challenging your thinking whilst bringing examples of best practice from across sport and industry, the latest thought leadership, and our unique lens combining sporting and corporate experience, we work with clients to find the right solution, together.

Our bespoke advisory service sees us spend time in our client’s organisations auditing cultures, reviewing structures and team dynamics, and assessing performance planning, to work out with them what will produce the best results for them.

You may not be able to control what happens on the pitch, but you can set the initial conditions to give the best chance of sustainable success.

As an example of this, we’ve partnered with a Premiership rugby team to help them understand how their culture and systems are playing out day-to-day. Having interviewed a cross-section of players and performance staff, and worked with senior management to understand the impact of both what was said, and left unsaid, we have been an integral part of realigning departments and reporting lines and redefining values to help drive them forward into the next season.


We are not for everyone. We look to create an environment of challenge and support, bringing strong opinions, lightly held, to debate with our clients. But, if you think we might be for you, feel free to reach out to one of our partners here:

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