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As the world’s finest international coaches pit their wits against each other in Russia, our MD shared his own insight from interviewing top level coaches over the last few years and recognising what they have in common.

Elite Performance Partners understand high performance and help our clients to achieve it. These are the news highlights from June.

Five Common Features of Top Level CoachesFootball tactics board

Through his experience of searching and interviewing head coaches, Managing Director of Elite Performance Partners, David Slemen, has noticed features which many top coaches have in common.

Read about five trends of these leaders he’s identified.

Leaders in Sport also featured the article in their recent Performance Digest.

21st Club Release New Book For Football Industry21st Club Changing the Conversation Volume II

Our partners and leading football consultancy, 21st Club, have released the second volume of their collection of Insights for Football Boardrooms.

Changing the Conversation Volume II is the culmination of over 18 months of research, contributions and insights. It follows on from the first book released in 2016,
also detailing the ways clubs have implemented 21st Club’s ideas and strategies.

They continue to challenge football clubs, providing modern performance strategies and backing up their intelligence. We are proud to share their values and collaborate with them on our Head Coach recruitment process.

Southgate team culture England mentality

World Cup Insight: Has Southgate’s Focus on Team Culture Given England the Ideal Conditions for Success?

Irrespective of what happens next during the World Cup it’s been an honour to be involved in the appointment of key senior performance positions within the support team:

Bryce Cavanagh, Head Of Physical Performance & Nutrition at The FA
And Pippa Grange, Head of People & Team Development

These important pieces of the high performance jigsaw have helped Gareth Southgate and the England team set conditions to give themselves the best chance of success.

It’s been fascinating to observe the importance of team culture and identity, seeing how they can both be engineered to bring a team closer together. The FA have shown real leadership in doing things differently to have a performance impact. All they have to do now is go out and perform!

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